Programmatic SEO for SaaS

Put your content marketing on autopilot

Convert more users from Google search by publishing marketing pages at scale with Programmatic SEO.

Built for SaaS products. No-code.

Startup founder falling down due to too many spinning plates

The Problem

Google is the first place people jump to when they need a solution. You already KNOW this is where you need to be.

But you can barely publish an article a week. Getting customers through organic search seems kinda...hopeless...

...fret not dear founder, we built a solution

Launchman is built specifically for SaaS startups looking to target TONS of low volume (and virtually 0 competition) keywords.


Design your page template

Start by designing a page template with our powerful page builder. This will be a shell page that data gets dynamically placed into.


Connect your Airtable

Gather, clean, and prep unique page data that goes in the pages. Launchman will create a page per Airtable row using the template you designed in step 1.


Go live

See a real-time preview of your generated pages. Once ready, deploy 1000s of pages instantly to production. We handle hosting, SSL, and custom domains for you.

Top 10 {{JOB ROLES}} freelancers to hire in 2023

How much is 1 BTC in {{COIN}}

Book the best {{LOCAL SERVICE}} in {{LOCATION}}

Cheapest hotel to stay at in {{LOCATION}}

Private {{CUISINE}} chefs to hire for {{EVENT TYPE}}

How to get {{TICKER}} stock price in {{LANGUAGE}}

Generate content like a Media Company

Cheapest hotel to stay at in {{LOCATION}}

Private {{CUISINE}} chefs to hire for {{EVENT TYPE}}

How to get {{TICKER}} stock price in {{LANGUAGE}}

Top 10 {{JOB ROLES}} freelancers to hire in 2023

How much is 1 BTC in {{COIN}}

Book the best {{LOCAL SERVICE}} in {{LOCATION}}


Easy plans to get started



per month per site

Start experimenting

  • Up to 10K pages published

  • 6 collections

  • Custom Domain and Full Hosting

  • Slack Community invite

  • Onboarding call

Done for you

Let's talk ->

Go hands-off

  • Comprehensive keyword research

  • Write templated content

  • Add custom branding

  • Set up technical SEO

  • Custom Domain and Full Hosting

  • Priority Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Programmatic SEO?

Programmatic SEO is a new SEO technique where you target niche, low volume long-tailed keywords and programmatically create tons of pages for them. Because there's no competition, ranking high on Google as a new domain is very much possible.

Do you provide a trial?

Nope, we currently do not have a trial or free option.

What advantage does this have over Bubble?

Launchman pages are rendered server-side giving them much faster loading times and better SEO potential.

What advantage does this have over Webflow?

Launchman is built to provide a much better content management and editing experience than Webflow.

How much can I customize the pages?

We have a powerful drag and drop builder that can render content like text, images, video and embeds. JS and CSS injection is also available.

I already have a website on another service - does this mean I will have to lose it?

Nope, we can attach new pages to your existing site seamlessly. Get in touch with me at to get this done for your website.

Is there support for data sources other than Airtable?

Currently, we only support Airtable - it's free and easy to learn.

Can I bring my own custom domain?


Will creating a lot of programmatic pages hurt my Domain Ranking?

Not necessarily. General rules you follow when writing manual content still apply with programmatically creating pages. As long as it is content people find helpful, there is no reason your domain should be penalized.

Do you provide hosting?

Yes, all Launchman websites are hosted on our infrastructure. We also handle SSL certificates. You just need to bring your own domain.

I have slightly different needs, how can I contact you?

Email me at sukh [@] and we can discuss further.

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